Creating Professional Engineering Calculation Reports Using Banner Ad
Screenshot of a Adobe PDF file a Microsoft Word file exported from is great tool for creating and saving engineering calculations, however, there are times when you need to share your calculations in a document format such as an Adobe PDF file or a Microsoft Word file. gives you the ability to export your calculations in various document formats including Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, and LaTeX with a single click. This functionality can be found by clicking on the download icon  on the main toolbar. The generated documents are professionally formatted and include the images, plots, and equations from your original sheet (note that the LaTeX export option does not include plots or images since the generated .tex file is a text file). Additionally, the Microsoft Word option gives you a document that you can easily edit or combine with other documents. Even the equations are exported as editable Microsoft Word equations. The ability to export editable equations in Microsoft Word files is a capability that Mathcad users have been wanting for years. Get this capability today, for free, with!

GIF showing an equation being edited in Microsoft Word
An exported equation being edited in Microsoft Word.n is unaffiliated with Mathcad, PTC Inc., Microsoft Word, Microsoft Corp., Adobe PDF, and Adobe Systems Inc. Mathcad is a registered trademark of PTC Inc., Microsoft Word is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp., and Adobe PDF is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Inc.



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