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Having issues with being blocked by your organization? We have a solution for you, is now also available as It turns out that some organizations are naively blocking all .xyz domains even though .xyz is a perfectly valid top level domain (Alphabet Inc., Googles parent company, uses an .xyz domain name for their corporate site). This issue has impacted my high school aged kids, who were not able to access on their school issued Chromebooks. Obviously, we couldn't have this! It's important to us that all of the goodness is available to everyone. and are exactly the same app and sheets created on one can be opened on the other. Shareable links are interchangeable as well. For example, and point to the same sheet.

Use either address, you'll get the same experience. We'll continue to use for our branding but if you prefer less typing or a more respectable .com ­čĹö ­čĺ╝ address, go for!

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