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Computer keyboard
Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash supports the keyboard shortcuts defined in the table below. Note that on Mac, the Command Key replaces the Control Key.

Key CombinationAction
Type sqrt(Insert square root
pi, e, or iReserved variables for pi, Euler's number, and the imaginary unit
Type the name of a lower case Greek letterInserts a lower case Greek character (updates after leaving the current math field), recognizes alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsilon, zeta, eta, theta, iota, kappa, lambda, mu, nu, xi, rho, sigma, tau, phi, chi, psi, and omega
Type the name of an upper case Greek characterInserts an upper case Greek character (updates after leaving the current math field), recognizes Gamma, Delta, Theta, Lambda, Xi, Pi, Sigma, Upsilon, Phi, Psi, and Omega
TabNavigate to next location in equation, if available, otherwise navigate to next focusable element on page
^Add exponent
_Add subscript
Arrow KeysNavigate within the math field
Control-SSave current sheet to local file
Control-Shift-SSave current sheet to database to get shareable link
Control-OOpen sheet from local file (replaces currently open sheet)
Control-Shift-NLoad blank sheet (replaces currently open sheet)
Control-ZUndo, local to currently active math or text field
Control-YRedo, local to currently active math or text field
Control-Up ArrowSelect cell above current cell
Control-Down ArrowSelect cell below current cell
Control-DDelete current cell
EnterInsert Math Cell when in a Math Cell, or add row when in a Plot, Table, Piecewise Expression, or System Solve Cell
Shift-EnterInsert Math Cell
Control-Enter then 1Insert Math Cell
Control-Enter then 2Insert Documentation Cell
Control-Enter then 3Insert Plot Cell
Control-Enter then 4Insert Table Cell
Control-Enter then 5Insert Piecewise Expression Cell
Control-Enter then 6Insert System Solve Cell
Control-Enter then 7Insert Sheet
EscapeUnselect all cells Keyboard Shortcuts
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