How Compares to Mathcad®

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Mathcad® is a useful tool for engineering calculations but it has some limitations that prevent it from being the ideal choice in certain situations. is unique in that it is a free and open source web application for engineering calculations that can be run on any platform. Additionally, your calculations with can easily be shared with others using a shareable link. See the following table for a detailed comparison of Mathcad® and to help determine which application is best for your use case. For tutorials and examples showing how to use for your applications, see this tutorial blog post.

FeatureEngineeringPaper.xyzMathcad® ExpressMathcad® Prime
Uses Standard Math Notation
Automatic Unit Checking and Unit Conversions
Free to Use
Open Source (see's GitHub Project Page)  
No Registration or Submission of Personal Information Required to Use
Runs on Any Platform without Requiring Installation (Windows, MacOS, Chrome OS, Android, iOS, and Linux)
Symbolic Equation Solving
Numerical Equation Solving
Automatic Expression Ordering
Create Shareable Document Links that Anyone Can Open and Run
Programming Support
Statistics and Data Analysis Support is unaffiliated with Mathcad and PTC Inc., Mathcad is a registered trademark of PTC Inc.

How Compares to Mathcad
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