Calculating the Coefficient of Performance for a Heat Pump and Refrigeration Cycle Banner Ad
Refrigeration cycle loop diagram above a T-S plot and a P-H plot

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The sheet below calculates the coefficient of performance (COP) for a heat pump and refrigeration cycle. Additionally, the heating capacity, cooling capacity, and required compressor work input are also required. These calculations rely on the thermodynamic fluid property capabilities that have been recently added to using the powerful CoolProp library. Properties including enthalpy, entropy, viscosity, and density are available as functions of state for numerous fluids including humid air (psychrometrics), water/steam, common refrigerants, and glycol solutions. With these changes, is now the easiest way to use the CoolProp library (no installation or coding required). The learn more about this features, see the Thermodynamic Fluid Property tutorial.

The following tutorial video walks through the steps required to set up this calculation in

Important Note: This sheet relies on features in the latest version of, if you see a green refresh icon Green Refresh Icon in the title bar of the sheet and there are errors in the sheet, you'll need to close all of your open tabs and re-open this page to get the latest version of You'll know that the upgrade is complete when the green refresh icon disappears.

This coefficient of performance calculator example sheet may also be opened in a separate tab.

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